Host 2019 is here!

Host 2019 is here!

A few months after the relaunch of Gaggia Milano, the historic brand of professional coffee machines, the complete range of new machines will be presented at Host 2019 between 18th and 22nd October. This follows on from the acquisition of the brand by the EVOCA Group in 2017.

The new collection, on which the Evoca Group has been working for two years, perfectly embodies the strengths that distinguish the brand: the attention to design that reinterprets legendary 1950s style - the decade in which Gaggia reached the peak of its success - in a modern way; premium positioning and technological innovation in infusion systems. Gaggia Milano therefore confirms its undisputed leadership in the market, both for its refined design, conceived by the Bonetto Design Center, and for its innovative technology.

La Reale, a top of the range machine, has been entrusted with the task of writing an exciting new chapter in the legendary history of the brand. Equipped with advanced technology, La Reale is suited to professional baristas and roasters who want to optimise the perception of the blends available on the market. The innovative Dynamic Flow Control allows a dynamic control of the flow and enables baristas to obtain different taste profiles from the same blend and, therefore, to enhance all the sensory characteristics of the coffee, such as colour, body, acidity, bitterness, etc. The great innovation of this system is modular and accurate electronic control of the water flow, which during the extraction process offers the possibility to set different flow profiles for each coffee selection.

La Giusta is a new model that is being presented as a world premiere and perfectly combines modern style with vintage taste, clearly attributed to the aesthetics of the Gaggia Milano brand of the 1950s, a period that defined the brand as an icon of coffee. The design has taken care of all the elements in detail, from the refined selection of - mainly metallic - materials, which reveal and enhance the reliability and robustness of the machine, to the choice of sinuous lines, which celebrate the elegance of the shapes. A perfect aesthetic balance that embraces contemporary style, thanks to an elegant and modern front panel, perfectly integrated on a glass dashboard; the colour touchscreen, located on the front, which allows programming and control of all machine parameters and the digital sensor for controlling the temperature of the steam boiler and the hot water saving device.

La Radiosa, the first fully automatic professional machine bearing the Gaggia Milano trademark, distinguishes itself for its advanced electronics, integrated connectivity and EvoMilk technology. This new fresh milk dispensing system guarantees the quality and excellence of the drinks - and dispenses beverages with perfectly foamed hot or cold milk as well as enabling the dose, as well as the temperature and the density of the fresh milk to be pre-set. The unique style of the Gaggia Milano brand, furthermore, is enhanced by a 10 inch touchscreen where it is possible to customise the selections icons, adjust the colour of the RGB LED profiles, creating the preferred combinations and much more.

La Decisa and La Precisa mark the completion of the range with refinement, ergonomics, practicality and reliability. La Precisa is the perfect solution to meet the demands of the barista and the needs of the market in general. It distinguishes itself for being a traditional coffee machine that looks to the future. Equipped with a capacitive keyboard and an alphanumeric display, La Precisa has a large LED-lit practical and functional working area. The advanced technology of the machine allows control of the steam boiler and enables the energy saving mode to be set more directly and intuitively. La Decisa ensures maximum performance with a unique style. The elegant and refined design is functional: conceived to be easily maintained and extremely ergonomic, it is ideal for meeting the demands of the barista. The capacitive keyboard and the LED-lit working area allow La Decisa to present itself as an extremely practical traditional coffee machine, able to guarantee excellent performance, thanks to the traditional integrated thermo-symphonic hydraulic circuit.

80 years after the revolutionary idea of its founder Achille, who invented the classic cream with which we taste coffee today, the Gaggia Milano brand celebrates the renaissance of Italian-style espresso at Host 2019!