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If the first machines built by Achille Gaggia were designed to make his dreams reality,  then he would have seen the brand’s new La Radiosa, with its stunning 10” HD capacitive display, as pure science fiction.
La Radiosa is a colour chameleon and what’s more, thanks to its ground-breaking EvoMilk fresh milk system, it delivers coffee perfection for consumers wherever they are in the world, whatever expectations they have. 

Exclusive design

The first thing you’ll notice about this great new machine from Gaggia Milano is its eye-catching design, centred on its door, which is surrounded by RGB leds, allowing purchasers to change its appearance.
In addition to its compact dimensions, La Radiosa offers great flexibility. You can specify one or two bean hoppers, with one or two soluble powder containers. 
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Evomilk technology

La Radiosa benefits from brand-new Gaggia Milano EvoMilk technology, which allows users to set-up various doses, temperatures and densities of fresh milk, but also to drink hot and cold perfectly foamed milk.
At the end of the day, there’s no need to worry about cleaning the machine, thanks to a Plug-and-play automatic cleaning cycle.

Enhanced electronics

La Radiosa boasts enhanced electronics, accessed via a 10” touchscreen user interface. From here, you can create your own custom drinks icons, adjust the colour of the leds and much more.
The connectivity ‘box’ is also ticked, thanks to embedded WI-FI / Bluetooth and the pre-set 3G cellular connection.

Exclusive coffee profiles

La Radiosa has a 24V high throughout pump with adjustable flow, enabling you to create a unique coffee profile.
Similarly, the density of soluble drinks can be adjusted, according to your taste.

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